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A/X Growth Portfolio 2020

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Sept 18, 2020
New Addition to A/X Growth™
1) Moderna (MRNA) @ $68 Moderna is a biotech company thats specializes in vaccines and therapeutics utilizing messenger RNA. mRNA-1273 is a leading candidate for the Covid-19 virus, and the Phase 3 results should be out by November. 
A/X Growth now consists of 14 high-quality investments. Individual research reports will be available soon. Going forward, every investment recommendation I make, carries an automatic "Outperform" rating.
------------------ Sept 10, 2020
Two Additions to A/X Growth™
1) Zoom Video (ZM) @ $389 Zoom is a digital communications platform that specializes in video conferencing.
2) Ethereum (ETH-USD) @ $365 Ethereum is a digital commodity that specializes in smart contracts. 
A/X Growth now consists of 13 high-quality investments - I plan to issue research reports on all of them. 
Zoom Video is currently overvalued and will correct itself - but I like the business and the company will be worth more longer-term.