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I use a combination of fundamental analysis, common business sense, capitalist vision, and real world experience to pick stocks. I follow the investment advice of Peter Lynch and Warren Buffett. Currently, I work in the financial services field. I have been investing on a part-time basis for 20+ years, since 1997.

- Last updated Oct 2018.

January 26, 2018

A/X Portfolio 2018

By Roy Philipose

Here is an updated list of 10 stocks that are part of the "A/X Portfolio." This portfolio should return at least 15% per year. The majority of these companies are led by their founder and have strong growth potential. Changes to A/X: I have replaced Under Armour (sports apparel) for Square (retail payments).

There are more good stocks out there, but I don't have the time to research them all. I plan to add myself to TipRanks (stock pick ratings).

My overall track record for picking stocks speaks for itself.

2017 S&P 500 + 18.74%
2017 A/X Portfolio + 156.38%

For 2017, the big winner was Bitcoin and the big loser was Under Armour.

A/X 20171.24.20171.26.2018Annual Return
Tesla $254$34234.65%
Under Armour$25$14-44.00%
Zillow Group$37$4624.32%


A/X Portfolio 2018

Yahoo Finance Link - A/X Portfolio
  1. AAPL, Apple (consumer devices)
  2. AMZN, Amazon (e-commerce and cloud)
  3. BABA, Alibaba (chinese e-commerce)
  4. GOOGL, Alphabet (search and cloud)
  5. FB, Facebook (social network)
  6. NFLX, Netflix (television)
  7. TSLA, Tesla (car manufacturer)
  8. SQ, Square (retail payments)
  9. ZG, Zillow Group (real estate)
  10. BTC-USD, Bitcoin (digital asset)
 Recommendation: Long

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