Roy Philipose

I have a passion for business and investing and use a combination of fundamental analysis, common business sense, and real world experience to pick stocks. I follow the investment advice of Peter Lynch and Warren Buffett. I work in the financial industry and have 20 years experience in picking stocks. Careerwise, my end goal is to become a portfolio manager.

- Last updated, Oct 2019.

October 24, 2019

A/X Growth 2019: Update 1

The stocks I like going forward are Tesla, Roku, and Beyond Meat. These growth companies are leaders in the field and continue to innovate.

1) Buy Recommendation: $82
11/6/2019 - Beyond Meat (BYND) is a plant-based manufacturer of meat products. They offer an alternative to traditional animal-based meats, while maintaining the look and taste. Beyond Meat is in a great position to capitalize on the shift from animal-based meat to plant-based meat products. Their is growing trend to go healthy and to focus on the environment. They have set up partnerships with fast food chains and are in supermarkets. Recently, the stock came down and I see that as a buying opportunity.

2) Buy Recommendation: $300
10/24/2019 - Tesla (TSLA) is auto, battery, and solar manufacturer. Recently, they came out with a positive outlook and earnings report. They have turned the corner regarding their issues and things should be more smooth going forward - sales are stable. Tesla is in a great position to capitalize on the shift from internal combustion engines to electronic drive and the shift from central energy production to distributed energy production. I see them having worldwide growth and introducing ride-sharing to balance any potential slowdown in USA.

3) Buy Recommendation: $130
10/24/2019 - Roku (ROKU) is a subscription based Internet TV platform featuring various free and premium content. They have a mobile app and they are becoming the standard OS on many new television sets today. Roku generates revenue with partnerships and ads in between shows, and they continue to add new content. Roku is in a great position to capitalize in the shift from traditional tv advertising to Internet tv advertising. In the event of a recession, people will still watch television thru Roku.

- Roy Philipose