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A/X Portfolio 2017

By Roy "Dr. P" Philipose Here is an updated list of 10 stocks that are part of the "A/X Portfolio." This portfolio should return at least 10% per year. The majority of these companies are led by their founder and have strong growth potential. I have removed companies that did not display strong fundamentals. I recommend Bitcoin for insurance against the US dollar. Personally, I like the GFAT (Google, Facebook, Amazon, Tesla) portfolio. Yahoo Finance Link - A/X Portfolio Apple, AAPL Amazon, AMZN Alibaba, BABA Alphabet, GOOGL Facebook, FB Netflix, NFLX Tesla, TSLA Under Armour, UAA Zillow Group, ZG Bitcoin, BTCUSD  Disclosure: Long Recommendation © Copyright 2017 Roy Philipose. All rights reserved.