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Why Investing is better than Trading

Updated: December 18, 2020 by Roy Philipose What could have been... I want to share my investing history with you. I want to show you why "investing" is better than "trading." I see so many young investors trading today. I know because I was one 20 years ago.  I have been investing since 1997 when I bought my first shares of Cisco stock. I remember that day - I bought 100 shares of Cisco at $54; then the next day, sold at it $56 for a 2 point profit. (Cisco reported better than expected earnings.) I thought this was cool. I kept doing this for a long time, over many years - buying/selling shares and eventually, trading options. I thought I was an investor, but in reality, I was simply a trader. My gross trading profits were ~ $300K over a total 23 year period. I remember all of the significant companies I held. These were the shares that I was supposed to HOLD, and not trade. Eventually, my years of on and off trading resulted in me being wiped out twice.  Sometimes

A/X Growth Portfolio 2020

Live Blog ---------------------- ---------------------- Dec 22, 2020 New Addition to A/X Growth I am adding Upstart Holdings ( UPST ) @ $42 to the portfolio.  Upstart is an AI Lending platform that partners with banks to help them underwrite better quality loans. This innovative platform will allow more consumer loans to be written at lower loss rates.  Investment report is coming soon. A/X Growth now has 15 positions.  ______________ Dec 19, 2020 On Dec 4, 2020, I removed FAANG from the portfolio.  Now, I am adding it back.  This will be messy and confusing if I am stopping and starting securities purchases. My goal is to focus on growth companies and have a small portfolio list, but I guess I will let things be. Over time, I may add like 2-5 companies a year and that will grow the total amount of holdings. I will put more weight on my newer and faster growers.  For the moment, I will keep Zoom off the list.  You can't make money tomorrow if you overpay today.  I see