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SolarCity 2014 Annual Meeting

I attended the SolarCity 2014 Annual Meeting on June 4, 2014. The CEO, Lyndon Rive, gave a presentation about the company and how the company is experiencing strong growth. He also stated the market share for the company was small compared to the opportunity. I asked the CEO 2 questions: 1) About Shareholder Lawsuits. An attorney came up and said, "There was one actual lawsuit against the company. Even though it looked like there were many, but only one. And they would be fighting the lawsuit vigorously, as the lawsuit has no merit." 2) About Shareholder Buyback. The CEO stated that, "They have no intention of a buyback. That basically the company is experiencing such strong growth, that they would get better returns on growing the company." At first I didn't understand that. I mentioned how the stock price is down. But the CEO, Mr. Rive stated, "We are better off using capital to grow the business because of our high growth rates." Late