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Bitcoin: Outperform (Moderate Buy) @ $6,100

Live Blog
August 21, 2020 Current Price: $11,600 
Bitcoin has increased in price lately. I feel more people are moving toward the asset and feel comfortable owning it. Governments feel less threatened by the commodity and should continue to allow full ownership. I think really that is the key point - government doesn't want financial Bitcoin has a better chance of survival. Gold has come up in price too. The central banks of the world are engaged in massive money printing and stimulus in order to keep things afloat. This only makes the case for Bitcoin stronger. I see both Gold and Bitcoin in a coexisting relationship, with Bitcoin becoming the new Gold. Gold is not going anywhere and the price is not going to zero. Gold will still cary value, but Bitcoin has the advantage. The price of Gold doesn't have to come down in order for the price of Bitcoin to go up. 
My outlook for Bitcoin hasn't changed. There is no reason Bitcoin can't be $100,000 or more in 1…

Stock Ratings Update: Beyond Meat, Tesla, Roku

The stocks I like going forward are Tesla, Roku, and Beyond Meat. These growth companies are leaders in the field and continue to innovate.

-Roy Philipose, Independent Stock Analyst

Understanding Buy, Sell, and Hold Ratings...

Beyond Meat: Hold (Neutral)
Current Price: $54
Target Price 12M: $65
Reason: Market Conditions

Tesla: Hold (Neutral)
Current Price: $372
Target Price 12M: $450
Reason: Market Conditions

Roku: Outperform (Moderate Buy)
Current Price: $69
Target Price 12M: $80
Reason: Market Conditions

Disclosure: Long TSLA, ROKU, BYND
Disclaimer: Investments may lose value