Roy Philipose, Investor from Philadelphia. I have a passion for finance and knowledge for "picking stocks."

I use a combination of fundamental analysis, common business sense, capitalist vision, and real world experience to pick stocks. I follow the investment advice of Peter Lynch and Warren Buffett. Currently, I work in the financial services field. I have been investing on a part-time basis for 20+ years, since 1997.

- Last updated Oct 2018.

October 14, 2014

Heavy Buy Call - 20% Gain (Updated)

We are initiating a "Heavy Buy" on the following companies. Our Heavy Buy call implies a minimum 20% gain in 12 months. The companies are in fundamentally good shape with current attractive valuations. We advocate long-term holding of shares vs short-term trading.

Companies - Current Price - Target Price
(In no particular order)

1) Tesla - $224 - $268
2) SolarCity - $48 - $57
3) Zillow  - $100 - $120
4) Alibaba - $85 - $102

Disclosure: Long on TSLA, SCTY, Z, BABA