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You Bet Against Elon Musk, "Super Genius", And Lost! Twice!

(This was supposed to be my 2nd article attempt on Seeking Alpha, but was rejected. Why read the same kind of articles, over and over again?) Today, I would like to talk about those who shorted Tesla Motors and SolarCity. Here is some background on the companies. As you know, Tesla Motors makes premium electric cars and SolarCity is a solar electric supplier. Elon Musk is a major shareholder of both companies, with Musk being Ceo/Chairman of Tesla and Chairman of Solarcity. Tesla went public at $17 in June 2010 and Solarcity went public at $8 in Dec 2012. Both companies at the time were considered to be overvalued and thought to be future failures, especially Tesla. So naturally short-sellers (investors who bet against the stock) bought in short. There were of course people who believed in what there were doing and bought in long (myself included, though I bought in at later prices and traded the stocks). The companies went public, continued to progress (with some problem