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Roku: Outperform @ $128

Roku Update: Live Blog July 29, 2020 Market Price: $148 (July 28, 2020) Personal Buy Rating: -Buy Light (buy some) @ Market Price -Buy Medium (buy more) @ 20% Discount -Buy Heavy (buy many) @ 50% Discount -------------- July 14, 2020 Update: By Roy Philipose Longer Term Outlook: 5 Year  ~ $381 Basis: The company will grow at least 26% per year for the next 5 years. Therefore, the security will be worth 3.1x more than the fair value price of $120 a share.  Fair Value:  $120 Fair value is the value based on growth prospects and the company going private. Comment: Roku is a major distribution hub for online TV content. Eventually, I see them developing their own content, which would make them even more valuable. --------------------- July 2, 2020 Roku ( ROKU ) is an Internet based TV platform featuring free and premium content. Roku has a mobile app and they are the standard OS on many new television sets. Roku generates revenue with partnerships and ads in-between shows. They have e