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A/X Portfolio 2018

By Roy Philipose

Here is an updated list of 10 stocks that are part of the "A/X Portfolio." This portfolio should return at least 15% per year. The majority of these companies are led by their founder and have strong growth potential. Changes to A/X: I have replaced Under Armour (sports apparel) for Square (retail payments).

There are more good stocks out there, but I don't have the time to research them all. I plan to add myself to TipRanks (stock pick ratings).

My overall track record for picking stocks speaks for itself.

2017 S&P 500 + 18.74%
2017 A/X Portfolio + 156.38%

For 2017, the big winner was Bitcoin and the big loser was Under Armour.

A/X 20171.24.20171.26.2018Annual ReturnAlibaba$101$205102.97%Alphabet$849$1,18739.81%Amazon$822$1,40270.56%Apple$120$17142.50%Bitcoin$887$11,0871149.94%Facebook$129$19047.29%Netflix$140$27495.71%Tesla $254$34234.65%