Roy Philipose

I have a passion for business and investing and use a combination of fundamental analysis, common business sense, and real world experience to pick stocks. I follow the investment advice of Peter Lynch, Warren Buffett, and others. I primarily work in the financial field and have over 20 years (part-time) of stock picking experience, starting in 1997. Careerwise, my goal is to become a fund manager.

Last updated: June 2020

March 19, 2020

Stock Ratings Update: Beyond Meat, Tesla, Roku

The stocks I like going forward are Tesla, Roku, and Beyond Meat. These growth companies are leaders in the field and continue to innovate.

-Roy Philipose, Independent Stock Analyst

Understanding Buy, Sell, and Hold Ratings...

Beyond Meat: Hold (Neutral)
Current Price: $54
Target Price 12M: $65
Reason: Market Conditions

Tesla: Hold (Neutral)
Current Price: $372
Target Price 12M: $450
Reason: Market Conditions

Roku: Outperform (Moderate Buy)
Current Price: $69
Target Price 12M: $80
Reason: Market Conditions

Disclosure: Long TSLA, ROKU, BYND
Disclaimer: Investments may lose value